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MacGray is the worst company to deal with. We have 1 laundry card machine to load money onto on our community for 4 buildings!! It has been down for weeks now. Was promised someone would be out 12-26-14 and NO ONE SHOWED UP! No one is able to do laundry and when you call customer service they either HANG UP or keep transferring you to different automated calls. They really honestly do not care... Read more

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Water service to my apartment complex was interrupted. All machines stopped in mid-cycle and would not automatically reset. Now in day four waiting for a tech to come and turn a key to reset them. Our town has a tech and it takes only 10 minutes to cross the entire city. Without equal the most infuriating customer service experience I have ever encountered. Looking for a new supplier now. I dare... Read more

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Ive lost 4.50$ due to broken machines in my appartment complex with no sign saying out of order. I called and they reunded me 5$ so i dont know who you were trying to get ahold of but they were more than happy to refund my money and add more than i lost. Im happy about that. But im pissed they cant get there *** out here and fix there *** machines and dryers that wont heat up. I also put my... Read more

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We Have. Always tell them every week about empty coins they should come more than once amonth Add comment

I just put $50 on my laundry card online and was given a code. I went to the laundry room and put my card and the code in. I was given an invalid code message. I called the company which I was on the phone with when I loaded my card and was told there is nothing they can do! Even the manager was an incompetent *** and I was basically told I was screwed. I will be contacting the BBB tomorrow and... Read more

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Pissedoffatmacgray 5 minutes ago My experience is the same, the card readers don't read. I was given a brand new card, I used it once, the next week my card did not work in any of the washers or dryers. I just put $20 on the card at the apartment office for a total of $23 dollars. When you call the 800 number, you get told that the card is bad. WHAT??? How did she diagnose this problem over the... Read more

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  • Oct 08, 2014
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The Mac Gray machines in my building's laundry room are constantly broken. It is common to pay for washers and dryers that don't work. For instance paying $2.50 for a dryer that has no hot air and then having to pay another $2.50 for a working one. Or having clothes come out of the washer dripping wet, meaning it costs about $5.00 to dry them. The last straw was when I dipped my card... Read more

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Phil Em--- how do you sleep at night laying off Mac grays hardest working employees especially ones with sick spouses enjoy your wealth while you can it wont be long before the same fate befalls you, this I am 100% sure of you didn't get to your position by what you know or good looks, but by who you know you are not the sharpest tool In the shed.say hello to karma from me Add comment

Karma is a cruel and violent mistress Stewart and upper management will feel her wrath VP of ops will get It worst Add comment

I ordered a commercial Maytag that took over two months to deliver and when it arrived the order was incomplete missing coin slide, coin box, lock , and key. I took another month of waiting until it finally arrived. After less than a year the machine broke, but since I never received a written receipt from MacGray I had no proof of purchase, thus no warranty. I tried on many occasions to contact... Read more

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