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Horrible customer service. Mac-Gray does not reimburse lost money. I reported them to BBB - they did nothing to rectify situation. Rec'd a call from Mac-Gray District Mgr. Keith who was just nasty and promised to send me lost $ and never did. Machines constantly break down. Add comment

I live at the sequoia apartments, on Lindale springfield oregon. You guys just put new washers and dryers in. You raised the price from $1.25 to $1.50 and lowered the time from 39 min to 30 min to wash. The dryer went from .25 for 15 min, to $1.25 for 72 min. Who drys there clothes for more then an hour. It is a rip off. I will go to a laundry mat from now on. Add comment

they suck. we have their NASTY machines in our building . they FAIL and keep the money. I just lost some more just now! Forget a refund because THEY DON'T refund the money lost in the machines! I have called and requested it but they NEVER SENT IT!!!!! Add comment

If I could I would give them a 0 star. In my building we wanted to go with a different laundry service provider and we service them notice via registered mail they claim they never got it even though we had proof of it than they implied a clause 'right of first refusal clause'. Mac Gray does this to all of the buildings they have from what I understand, and a huge part of their business strategy is to be very aggressive / uncooperative during... Read more

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Hello, I live in the laurels 1311 Louisiana Boulevard northeast Albuquerque New Mexico. I would like for you to send somebody out to check the washing machines you charge $2 25 for a wash for 25 minutes and 25 extra for 5 more minutes I mean 10 more minutes on the wash taking it to 35 minutes the machine will take your money but not give you the 35 minute wash so the machines need to be checked also I am requesting that you take out the top... Read more

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Im writing this complaint because, like most of the other poor reviews, im jumping on board w/ them. I called 2 weeks ago, maybe even longer and informed u about 1 of the machines in our laundry room, and explained 2 u that 1 of our machines needed 2 b emptied of the quarters, but it never happened. So now we're down to 1 washer and still 1 dryer. Ive been living here for over 7yrs and during my tenancy here, we got 2 new washers, and almost... Read more

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In the past 5 years, I have lost approx. $25-30 in broken machines and dryers that shut down after 5 min, etc. The first time I called for a $2 reimbursement, they sent a check. The next 2 times, they took my info but I never received anything. Now I don't waste my time. There are 25,000 tenants in the our apartment complex (Stuyvesant Town/PCV in new York city). If the majority of tenants have experienced similar losses, this is a huge... Read more

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Most kandlords use them. That is convenient. Unfortunately its old fashion. Cannot refill online, or by phone. Time consuming when you do not have time to run around filling ar facilities. Add comment

No matter how many times I have called about a washer that sounds like a jet engine - it still sounds like a jet engine. The machines are front loading washers and they need to be cleaned on a monthly basis... Need to be but are not. After a while your clothes start to smell. Gross! The dryers are no better - the lint traps are cleaned after use but the lint in the lint trap slot is disgusting. I can only imagine what the hose is like -... Read more

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I live at 1622 Fordem Ave, Madison, Wi on the first floor of an apartment building. The washing machine hasn't worked all summer. I have called Mac Gray HUNDREDS of times to report our broken machines. Finally after FOUR MONTHS, they bring us new machines, AND THE CARD READERS ARE BROKEN. I am certain my lease will be up, I will be packed up and moved away long long before Mac Gray takes any steps to fix the card readers. I've never dealt with a... Read more

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