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Our complex has been unable to wash for over a week now and are expected to haul washing to laundromats. Of the tenants, 3 use canes, 4 do not have transportation available, and 4 have children. We will not have washers until December sometime. Judging by the WEB Site, this appears to be a LARGE company, yet the Managers are being told "they are scrambling" to locate working washing machines. ... Read more

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I've lived in my apartment complex for almost one year, and I've had almost constant issues with the laundry room. Many washers and dryers out of order at one time, or they're broken with no indication of such so you end up wasting money. I've lost over $5 in the past two weeks due to malfunctioning dryers, and I've had to send in at least one work ticket every week for the past month. I... Read more

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Very bad service have to call every time machines coin boxes need empty .also we are lucky come once month .call center number is texas we are in Rhode Island Add comment

This is the second time I called on a weekend because of equipment malfunction and they will not send there repair man out to fix it until, at the earliest, the next business day if we are lucky. Being disabled I can not just pack my clothes in the car and drive to a laundromat and wash clothes like most people can in this situation. I rented this apartment because of it being adjacent to the... Read more

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You *** suck Worst machines on the face of he planet... I am moving just because of this. In 10 months they have stolen over $70 from my family. The machine never state that they are out of order they still take your money. We call in tickets and it takes weeks for them to "fix" them... They are not really fixed they just reset them. The machines smell they are never clean. This company... Read more

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Im waiting 4 months for price quote. They give you a run around. They cant manage our business!! Close ur doors Add comment

We have to call to have coin empty we lucky if they come out once a month Add comment

I ordered cards in Jan. 2015 for and followed up on Feb. 2 with my order. I found it hadn't been placed. (this has happen before which is why I was following up) Verified Feb. 2 that order was now placed. Feb. 23. Still no cards. Called several times last week to with everyone sending me to another number to call. Really bad customer service. Everyone says it is someone else's job and they... Read more

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I am a community manager at a senior property in Charlotte, NC. It is a 3 story complex consisting of 83 units. We have a total of 4 dryers on site. As of Thursday-Feb. 5, 2015 we only have 1 of the 4 dryers working. I called the service center on 2/5/15 to let them know that the dryers were out and if they could have someone to service them before the weekend so that the dryers would not be out... Read more

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In 2009 I hired MacGray to install washer, dryers and a VTM card system. Every time I have called them I get the run around. No one seems to be able to get the job done, from ordering new cards, to getting an invoice sent to me, to paying a bill. I hate it that I am being to feel like I am going to have to lose my temper every time just to get a simple thing done, like order new cards. I... Read more

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